reaching for the bright

by Biddadat

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Hey! We are Biddadat and we want to make music for you because its what we love to do. We want to keep playing and growing, which is where funding helps but its more important to us to get the music out to fresh ears rather than making an income. Whatever gratuity we get from donations or playing shows goes into our band bank account that will go towards improvements like recording gear and tour funding. Please download our album for free and share with your pals!


released September 25, 2014

Photo by Anna Indalecio
Graphic by Chandler Bargreen

Mastered by Matt Wolk

Mixed by Cameron Brownell

Music and lyrics by Hollis Parks, Cameron Brownell, Bailey Brownell, Cody Karr, and Kyle Miller

Special thanks to Jon Brownell for a guest appearance on Human Experience



all rights reserved


Biddadat Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Money Says
Have some books and pour champagne
You bought them all yourself
Good grades will save the family name

Wallets change the resume
Sculpted for success
Follow your path. The way is paved
With your father's gold

We will gamble, and we will try to get ahead
We will follow, and be afraid of what money says

I have books, but never paid
Illegal on my screen
I spend money never made

Gotta give it to learn and share and stay involved with
Keeping myself alive
Participating every day

We will gamble, and we will try to get ahead
We will follow, and be afraid of what money says

Young freedom buried in the past
Deeply packed beneath the grass
But we will grow, stretch to the sun
Til the earth above us comes undone

And we will stand demanding for our choice back
Track Name: The Bright
Reaching for the bright
No one knows of daylight
And now I see it,
Believe it and know that I must go

No I'm not alone
But my brothers won't believe
They say I deceive. This well is all they'll ever know.

Listen listen here me
It can be seen so clearly
Is it the fear you're feeling

Because the problem goes deeper.

Scraping inner walls
Sliding on the cobble stone
this oppressive home has
Given me all I can take

No, we don't belong
I know I must escape
At any steaks, or cost,
Or bones that I must break.

If they try to stop me
Ill see my brothers dropping
And climb their lifeless bodies.

Because the problem goes deeper
Track Name: Human Experience
Chased by fear of the unknown,
The unpredictable outcomes of this place.
Don't know where to go,
In this labyrinth, in this maze.

A trail of string left behind me,
So I can make it back.
The beast I seek is within these man made walls of uncertainty,
Impossible to track.

But I have beaten him down.
Forcing forward fists, this beast with many names.
And what is left if him now,
Are the stories told, the familiar remains.

The stories never change

We are a canvas that's unclear to us.
Swimming in the currents of duality.
We come from the human experience.
Lovers, thieves, and heroes: my reality.

I've had my body stained with wine.
Housed those off the streets who've done the same.
Helped from time to time.
Good deeds and kindness, trade for my own gain.

And if you feel that you owe me,
A wish is what I take.
Pay the debt of a token, a golden grip.
Ain't got no hand to shake.

Plenty of jewels and mansions.
Cursed with sculpture's hands carving gold bone.
It leaves me with the question,
Where am I now? Why am I all alone?

The same story told

Legends of the past,
Are people in the present.
We are these characters,
We are all these lessons.

Stories born from blood.
Gifted and addressing,
The human condition
Track Name: Breakthrough
I think I understand your problem.
It seems the same as my own troubles
And everyone's around us.

I think I understand, yeah, I got em.
Hopes and wants, the same as you
The same as anyone.

I'm no better. I'm no worse.
We are certainly not as unique as we thought

And how much do we each deserve?
Well I don't think anymore than me and me no more than you.

They'll call us deceivers
Nonbelievers will never see
If we are all so different
Then who are we supposed to be
It's you and I and us and them
All seem the same to me
I feel that we can learn to let it grow
And celebrate
When we break through the surface

I'm not lettin us start to fallin
If I scratch your back you scratch mine

It's this idea that we've forgotten
What's the big deal? why can't we help ourselves?